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What is flat fee listing? 
A flat fee listing refers to a real estate service arrangement where a seller pays a predetermined fixed fee to a real estate agent or brokerage to list and market their property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other relevant platforms. Unlike the traditional model where agents charge a percentage-based commission on the final sale price of a property, a flat fee listing allows sellers to pay a set amount regardless of the eventual selling price.

With a flat fee listing, the services offered by the agent or brokerage may vary. Some flat fee listing services only include the basic tasks of listing the property on the MLS, while others may offer additional services such as professional photography, marketing materials, and limited assistance with negotiations or paperwork and full service.


Flat Fee MLS Listing



February 23 2023

Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS

We offer a wide range of service from the novice to investors, rent, lease and sales. Many people start out as a Texas FOR SALE BY OWNER – FSBO (without an agent) but quickly learn the are not getting the exposure needed to sell their property. Many people think they are a for sale by owner on the MLS but you are not. Your MLS listing looks just like all other listings but you do retain the right to sell as a FSBO and not pay an agent commission but we are still there to help you even if a buyer comes to you directly. We are your listing agent – broker for your area Texas. We are not only a limited service broker - we are full service brokerage. Limited service simply means the brokerage has unbundled services so you can pay for what services you need. Commonly seached terms on is how to list without an agent but you cannot list on the MLS without and agent / REALTOR®.

Texas is a type of real estate service where a seller pays a one-time fee to have their property listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without paying a commission to a traditional real estate agent. The MLS is a database used by real estate agents to share information about properties for sale, allowing agents to find homes that meet their clients' criteria.

What is flat fee listing?

Texas MLS, with additional services available for an extra fee, such as yard signs, lockboxes, professional photography, and virtual tours. The seller is responsible for handling inquiries from interested parties, showing the property, negotiating offers, and closing the sale.

A flat fee MLS listing service typically offers a basic package that includes listing the property on the

Flat fee MLS listings can be a cost-effective way for sellers to market their property and potentially save money on commission fees. However, it requires the seller to take on more responsibility for marketing and selling the property themselves. Additionally, some real estate agents may be less likely to show a flat fee MLS listing to their clients because they won't receive a commission on the sale.


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Flat fee MLS listing is a service provided by real estate brokers or agents where they list a property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat fee, instead of charging a commission based on the sale price of the property.

The MLS is a database of properties for sale, maintained by real estate professionals, and accessible by other real estate professionals. By listing a property on the MLS, it is exposed to a wider audience of potential buyers, increasing the chances of a sale.

With a flat fee MLS listing, the seller pays a one-time fee to the real estate broker or agent for the listing service. This fee can vary depending on the company or agent, as well as the level of service provided. Some flat fee MLS services may also offer additional marketing tools, such as professional photography or virtual tours, for an additional fee.

Flat fee MLS listings are becoming increasingly popular as sellers seek to save money on commission fees while still receiving exposure on the MLS. However, it's important to note that while a flat fee MLS listing can help save on commission fees, sellers may still need to pay a commission to the buyer's agent if they bring a buyer to the table.



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